Strictly Driving – Why?

Why Strictly Driving?

Why Strictly Driving?

Strictly Driving customers know that every session is carefully planned.

Beginners benefit from the unique Strictly Driving in Steps course. Where appropriate, the latest coaching methods are used to enhance training. Every session will have goals which have been agreed beforehand and the targets set will be challenging, realistic and achievable. In most cases the topics will have been requested by the customer and at the end of every session the customer will be able to assess what has been learned and experience a real sense of achievement before planning for the next.

The Learning System

It’s not compulsory but the quickest way to learn is to start by learning in a car fitted with automatic gears and move onto a manual car when ready, usually after a few sessions. Concentrating in the early stages on the priorities e.g. identifying hazards, understanding situations, assessing risk and responding safely will make you a safer driver earlier in the process.

Gear changing and clutch use is not a priority and it inevitably causes a disproportionate level of stress. Delaying the use of gears until you are mentally prepared is less stressful and easier. You then learn faster and save money.

Nobody has ever died because they cannot change gear!

The Learning Environment

For more than 4 years, Strictly Driving has used Coaching in addition to the more traditional training methods to help new drivers find their best way of doing things.

By learning with Strictly Driving you will be working with a skilled coach, who is not only an approved driving instructor, but also trained to let you discover your natural ability and develop your confidence on the road. For most people, coaching is the most efficient way to learn and it therefore saves you money.

Book a test drive today and see for yourself how you can save money.