The Road Ahead

Changes in UK Driver Training


Government – DSA position

For some years now we have known the UK Government is under pressure to combat the intolerably high number of road casualties in the UK. New ways of training and testing new drivers are always being considered and changes are gradually implemented through the Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). Changes in the way instructors are tested have recently been introduced which requires instructors to demonstrate an ability to train in a more client centred manner.

Logistics of Change

The DVSA, or it’s predecessors, have never developed best practice but they do their best to adopt it when they recognise it. Client centred training is not Coaching but it’s a move in the right direction. The DVSA is a large, and growing, organisation and change must evolve over a period of time. I am convinced the DVSA will eventually move even further in the direction of coaching to achieve the goals they recognise as essential to ensure new drivers are adequately equipped to deal with the real issues affecting road safety. However, in an industry comprising of more than 40,000 Approved Driving Instructors, change happens slowly.

Market Response

The pace of change has so far been quite slow with many instructors reluctant to invest in training or to move away from methods they have always used in the past. Inevitably, instructors themselves will be ‘client led’ because as people become more aware, they will demand training that enables them to learn more quickly, more efficiently, save money and be safer on the road. Naturally, some driving schools will invest in retraining and adopt the new methods sooner than others but the change has started.

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