UK Driving Tests

How to get a driving test pass?


The Research

There has been extensive research into the performance of driving test candidates and crucially, the high accident rates of newly qualified drivers in recent years both here and around the world. In the UK the Department of transport reports Cohort II and The Good the Bad and the Talented seem to be representative of the findings elsewhere.

driving test pass

The Problem

Regardless of the faults identified by the examiner, the underlying reason why people fail the driving test in the majority of cases is a lack of awareness or an inability to process the available information in stressful or unfamiliar circumstances.

The Cause of Test Failure

The cause can be traced back to the traditional method of teaching new drivers that is based on learning how to use the vehicle controls but with little training for awareness, responsibility, judgement, integration with traffic, communication with other road users, predicting the movements of other drivers or learning how to be predictable.

The old methods may have worked well 40years ago but on modern day roads this form of learning leaves many learners stressed and unable to cope in complicated situations where everything is moving around them.

The Solution

The most up-to-date training methods help new drivers pass the driving test and remain safe on the road after the test. The training must concentrate not on control skills, but instead, focus on developing a heightened awareness of your own actions and those of others on the road. It should also help you recognise your strengths and weaknesses and give you the resolve and commitment to improve, long after you have passed the practical test.

In 2007, Strictly Driving was amongst the first to introduce a program of changes designed to provide new drivers with the skills and attributes found lacking in traditional training.