Save Money

Save Money

Save Money

Learn more quickly, Drive more safely and Save Money.

Cohort II was a major six-year study, funded by the Department for Transport, and its findings were published in 2008. It provides the most recent data concerning learning to drive in Great Britain.

Amongst the key findings, the report shows:

“Those who passed the test took an average of 47 hours of professional tuition; any amount of practice with friends and relations was associated with higher pass rates. The total driving experience for passers averaged 67 hours”

Learn more quickly – People learning with Strictly Driving pass the test on average after just 32.1 hours, 30% less than the national average.

“In the first six months after the practical test, nearly two in ten respondents(19%)reported having an accident and seven in ten respondents(70%)reported having a near accident.”

Drive more safely – Wherever possible, all Strictly Driving clients are contacted 6 months after passing their driving test and feedback requested. All are asked if they have had any accidents since passing the test and since 2011 only 2 people have reported having accidents in that period.

Save Money  – Strictly Driving uses a unique system for learning to drive which not only reduces the total learning time but also enables most beginners to be driving within five minutes of starting and driving independently within an hour. Strictly Driving also uses a style of training known as Coaching, in addition to the more traditional teaching methods.