Learning in Steps


Step 1. Driving Priorities – Up and Running in minutes – in an Automatic

Starting in an automatic sets you free to learn the priorities. You will be amazed at how quickly you can be driving normally. When learning in Steps, you will not only discover how to move the car safely from one place to another. You will learn how to identify risk, solve problems and make decisions based on your own assessments. These are the skills that keep you alive and it makes sense to learn them first.

Step 2. Gear changing and use of clutch

For many learners this is the scary part, but with Strictly Driving you will take it in your stride because at this stage you are already proficient with all of the other control skills.

Step 3. Improved driver skills

Your control skills will now provide greater smoothness, consistency and a degree of automation enabling you to plan more thoroughly and execute strategies for staying safe with more difficult junctions and hazards.

Step 4. Safe and Responsible Traffic Participation

This final step will develop your ability to anticipate risk, interpret and understand the actions of others and explore ways of interacting with other road users to create a safe driving environment.

A trainer who is also highly skilled in coaching will help you learn, adapt and deal with situations safely  for when things occasionally go wrong.