Strictly best for Learning

Strictly best for Learning

Why not learn the easy way and pass the test in half the time?

Strictly driving has developed a new easy way of learning to drive that is fun and stress free.

Most people want to drive because they dream of the freedom to drive anywhere at any time but learning to drive is not easy, even for quick leaners, and the dream can seem very difficult to achieve with so many things to learn all at the same time. It’s hardly surprising people become confused and frustrated.

Keeping it Simple

The good news is that Strictly Driving has perfected a unique system that makes learning to drive quicker, easier and more enjoyable by keeping it simple and breaking up the process into smaller steps.

Step 1- Start driving in an automatic. In an automatic you only need hands to steer and by using only one foot pedal at any one time, the learning process is much less stressful. With no gear lever or clutch to worry about you are free to enjoy driving without fear of stalling and anyone can be driving on quiet roads within just one hour and the confidence to drive almost anywhere in just 4 hours.

Step 2- Having learned to drive safely in an automatic, you are now ready to move onto a manual car. Learning to use clutch and gears is now much easier because you have already developed your confidence on those controls affecting your safety i.e. Steering Wheel, Brake and Accelerator. (Read more about Learning in Steps)

The Style of Training is Key to Success

Learning in steps is only part of what makes this system unique. Starting my clients in an automatic makes it possible for me to use a coaching style of training from the very first session. Coaching, in this context is a form of training where you are given the freedom to ‘discover’ much of what you need to know. It also makes it easier for the instructor to establish how you learn most effectively. If the instructor knows your preferred method of learning, the whole process can be completed much more quickly. (read more about Coaching)

The strictly way of learning has been shown to reduce the training time to pass the driving test by at least 20 hours. If you want to pass your test quickly and save hundreds of pounds give me a call at Strictly Driving.

Success comes from Success

It is a great source of pride to me that many people who had previously given up because they couldn’t cope with the old way of learning, have subsequently found Strictly Driving and have successfully completed the course and passed the driving test.

Strictly Driving provide courses for all kinds of drivers but specialise in those preparing for the driving test. This method is not only for those who find learning to drive difficult. Everyone can benefit from a shorter learning time.

It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner or almost test ready, you can be sure that with Strictly Driving, you receive the best training available, customised to your specific needs.