Customer Care

Customer Care

Customer Care

Customer Care – Monitor your progress online

After each session we will assess your progress and discuss both the high and low points and make a plan including goals to be achieved in the next session.

I will compile notes in the form of a rolling blog which are made available to you to read online. Naturally this data is password protected and available only to you. You also have the facility to add your own notes if you wish.

The blog will contain references to the topics covered in each training session together with any difficulties experienced and your continued progress. Knowing what you have achieved and when it was achieved is essential in understanding where you are in the process.

Other online resources

Other online resources include:

  • The facility for generating a receipt for all payments made up to the present date.
  • Notes to assist with the Safety related questions asked in the course of the practical test.
  • Notes relating to the precise requirements of the DVSA when reversing on a practical driving test.
  • A facility for making internet payments.
  • A facility to check dates to avoid before making a driving test booking.
Theory Test Practise

To assist you prepare for the Theory test, Strictly driving is in partnership with ‘Theory Test Pro’. The best online Theory Practise system is available to you free of charge. The system, recently updated, currently offers the most comprehensive and effective training program for both multi-choice practise Theory Tests and a large number of practise Hazard Perception Test clips.

Automated Text Messages

Automated Text reminder messages have become a most popular and highly valued service to Strictly Driving Clients. This service is provided by ‘adiTexts’ and is a convenient modern day equivalent to the appointment card. You will automatically receive an automated text message reminder 48hrs before each training session and if requested an automated message can be sent when the diary entry is made.