CoachingĀ – The way forward

A new way of learning to drive

The days of the old fashioned driving instructor are over but even in this enlightened age, too many instructors continue to use direct instruction as their only method of teaching. Many can only instruct in the methods they themselves were taught and this simply doesn’t work for everyone. The DSA are in the process of changing the way in which Driving Instructors are assessed (See link below) and soon all instructors will be expected to teach in whichever style is most suited to individual clients. The challenge for driver trainers in the future will be to include coaching and help new drivers discover how to learn and continue learning long after they have passed the driving test.


Judgement and Problem Solving

At Strictly Driving, I have been using these new methods and styles for years and Coaching is just one of the methods I can use to help you become an independent and competent driver. This method of training is most effective in helping you learn to assess and control risk through observation, anticipation, judgement and the ability to solve problems.

Partnership and Trust

Coaching a new driver is primarily about creating a partnership and building trust. A new driver learning in this environment knows that his opinions are just as valid as those of the coach and should not be inhibited from expressing those opinions. Coaching allows the individual to learn through experience and participation and the process of discovery becomes one of active learning.

Responsibility and Awareness

The role of the coach is to encourage the new driver to take responsibility for personal safety and learning decisions. The coach should observe, question and provide feedback that is neutral and help the learner to develop an awareness of what he and others are doing. The coach also encourages the driver to reflect on the experiences, identify goals and develop personal strategies to achieve their goals. Drivers trained in this way, are able to set goals and have the capacity to solve problems. Inevitably, they are safer drivers and more likely to pass the driving test.