Advanced Driving Courses

Gain confidence with an Advanced course

Gain confidence with an Advanced course

The Definitive Advanced Driver

The Advanced Driver… “drives in a calm, controlled style without fuss or flourish, progressing smoothly and unobtrusively. He will always be in the right place on the road travelling at the right speed with the right gear engaged and he achieves this desirable state by concentrating all the time, planning ahead and driving systematically“. (Roadcraft 1977 Advanced driving for police)

Advanced Driving Associations or Clubs – Not Compulsory

Not everyone wants to belong to a club or association to learn how to drive at an advanced level. Some people want the satisfaction of knowing they can do it without having to be involved with organisations that can seem elitist or ‘nerdy’. If that is you, Strictly Driving is what you what you are looking for.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Advanced driving is sometimes exclusively but wrongly associated with driving at high speed. Whilst it is true that the expert driver can use the speed appropriate for the conditions, there is much more to being an advanced driver.

A Strictly Driving Advanced driving course will first ensure your observation and searching skills are highly tuned. Secondly your control skills will be honed to the point where speed control, gear changing and steering is both smooth and accurate. Finally, you will learn to maximise the road holding capabilities and performance of your car.

The Objectives

A Strictly Driving Advanced course will :

  • Improve your analysis of the road ahead.
  • Improve your ability to anticipate and plan for driving hazards.
  • Identify any weaknesses in control skills and improve if necessary.
What kind of driver do you want to be?

If you want to be safe and have the satisfaction of knowing that you are in total control of your vehicle, a short Strictly advanced driving course is what you are looking for.