New Driving Test 4th December 2017

It will change on the 4th December 2017 Following the announcement of the driving test changes many people will be worried about how the changes will affect them and others wondering if they can pass their test before the changes are implemented. Don't Worry The first thing to say is that there is no need to fear the new test. I was fortunate to be part of the trial of the the new test and I have been making sure all of my clients are familiar with both the current test and the new elements … [Read More...]

Do I need to indicate here?

Do I need to indicate here? Is a question I am regularly asked and I'm sure it's the same for other instructors. People who are learning to drive are usually OK with such decisions when it comes to junctions but at other times there is inevitably some confusion and I suspect that its not only learner drivers who are confused. Most instructors will reply with something that would require the client to think about the solution for himself like “signal if you think it would be useful to another … [Read More...]

Pass Plus – Fit for purpose or just an expensive waste of time?

Pass Plus – Fit for purpose or just an expensive waste of time? Pass Plus, around since 2002, is now considered by many to outdated and a waste of money. It was intended to equip drivers who have recently passed the driving test with skills not acquired whilst learning to drive. On looking back it sounds like an endorsement of the old claim that 'you only really learn to drive after passing the driving test'. The worrying bit is that in twelve years no evidence has ever been found to … [Read More...]

Driving Test Pass or Distinction

Driving Test Pass or distinction. Will you be happy with a test pass or would you aim a little bit higher if a better grade was available. The idea is that if you achieved a higher grade, currently being referred to as a 'distinction' you could be rewarded with lower insurance costs. It's not government policy, merely an idea by current Skills Minister Matthew Hancock. Mr Hancock, says that a distinction grade is being made available for people completing apprenticeships and he believes such … [Read More...]

Avoid Car Insurance Fraud

How can you avoid car insurance fraud. On 28th October 2013, a man was jailed for his part in a scam that swindled more than £500,000 out of unsuspecting drivers by selling them fake insurance policies. By all accounts, this prosecution has not put a stop to the problem, merely highlighted its existence. According to the Police and Insurance companies, it is mainly young or inexperienced drivers who are paying out for insurance policies that subsequently turn out to be fake leaving the … [Read More...]

The Reasons 20mph Limits Do Not Work

20mph Speed limits do not work They have been tried in a number of Locations around the UK and none have resulted in reduced speeds or safer roads. What are the reasons 20mph limits do not work and what did Brighton & Hove find attractive in a scheme which has failed everywhere else? On Monday 8th April, Brighton & Hove became the latest city to introduce a signs only 20 mph speed limit covering most of the city centre. The new limit, without enforcement, has made no difference to … [Read More...]