About Strictly Driving

Strictly Driving is about finding better ways of learning to drive.Finding better ways of learning to drive

Strictly Driving is owned and run by me Paul Cracknell and my goal has always been about finding easier and less stressful ways for my clients to learn to drive. Naturally, the more quickly people learn, the more economical the process of leaning to drive becomes.

Since I began teaching, I have cut the total learning time for most of my clients in half. It has been achieved in two quite separate ways. The adoption of the ‘Latest Techniques’ in training have certainly helped to create more responsible drivers who have an increased awareness of the risks they face when driving on the road.

However, the greatest reduction in training time has been achieved with the introduction of Learning in Steps which, unique to Strictly Driving, breaks up the learning process into manageable chunks to make the process as a whole much simpler and relatively stress free.

Latest techniques

Having seen the progress made elsewhere in the EU with coaching, I recognised the potential for improved training in the UK and decided to invest heavily in both research and further development training to ensure that Strictly Driving customers could benefit from these latest techniques.

Quality training, lower costs and improved pass rates

Gradually Incorporating new methods into the training has provided a steady improvement in the quality of driver training resulting in safer drivers and superior decision makers. In addition to these significant improvements have included improved pass rates.

Reducing the risks faced by new young drivers

All indicators suggest that coaching will, in the future, have a marked effect on the entire driver training industry. The industry regulator, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), has already begun forcing the changes through but there are few who doubt that the changes will take years to complete. Nevertheless, those changes are necessary if we are to combat the increased risks faced by new young drivers.

Raising the standard of training never stops

I can proudly claim that Strictly Driving continues to be years ahead of it’s competitors in the use of these new methods and the investment and improvements to the standard of training never stops.